Demo '16

by ThornStep

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Music/Lyrics written by ThornStep
DIY outta Mom´s cellar


released July 22, 2016



all rights reserved


ThornStep Coburg, Germany
Ond - Vocals
Tom - Bass
Jona - Drums
Sebi - Guitar

since. June 2016

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Escape 32
And I always see them coming for me
Looking into my face, telling what I should be
Got no reasons, got no rights
They can’t accept that this is my fight
The only person able to change me
Is myself, it’s all that easy
I don’t expect anyone to please me
Stop wrecking my soul – release me

You just want to hear you’re goddamn right
You don’t want to hear that I don’t fuckin’ mind
This is my choice, I will decide

The only person able to change me
Is myself, it’s all that easy
I don’t expect anyone to please me
Stop wrecking my soul – release me
Track Name: Bust Or Get Busted
This happens when shit’s getting real
I never thought of feeling it, I never thought that it’d hit me

But now I’m
Scarred for life, ripped in twice, bleeding dry
Please don’t let me
Lose my mind, keep me alive or it will rip out my spine
While I’m killing time

Wanted to come back/stronger than before
Now I’m disconnected, fighting in a war
This war is fuckin’ real/it’s taking time and space
I just want to defeat but it won’t tell me time and place

Got to knock you out
Just tell me time and place
Got to get this shit out
Just tell me time and place
Track Name: Spitting Venom
Right thing to me seems to fuck your ideals
Minor acceptance is that what I feel
When reality hits, you don’t know how to deal
But in the end it’s just regret chasing your heels

Provocating without any reason
Telling your lies impressing people like you
What will break your neck is the lack of consistence
They will turn their back when the truth comes through

Truth is coming through
Comes crushing down on you

All your so called friends will see you’ve gone too far
Being blinded by the motherfuckin liar you are
‘til it all comes out and the curtain falls
I won’t stop asking what’s behind your fuckin’ walls
Track Name: ThornStep
Just another step/ towards a hole
We’re forced to go this journey since we’re fuckin born
Better watch your step/ you can’t ignore
That the path you took is full of thorns

They try to lure us with promises they cannot hold
We have to follow and to swallow everything we’re told
Forget about our dreams, grow up and get old
So we can spend our lives protected in our fuckin’ homes

And while they tell us what we wanted is plain wrong
We’re dodging all those traps and keep going on
Always guided by our own mistakes
They choose the path we take

But we tend to forget
That we’re not always our own fails

It takes a lot more to break me
You can’t count your tries to make me confirm
And while you try you’ll see me laughing at you
All your expectations will be burnt